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Moving back from USA to India

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Below is an excerpt from an email I sent a friend about how I shipped a lot of my stuff back to India, when I moved recently from Atlanta to Hyderabad.

I shipped my stuff thru a company called they send you a personalised quote immediately when you tell them your approximate shipment size and/or details. The price would range from $1500 to $6000 depending on how much you would want to ship to india.

They have a lot of info on their website abt customs and duties and how to pack etc. The gist of it being, if you qualify for TR (Transfer of Residence) then the only duty you have to pay would be 15% on electronics, irrespective of new or old, nothing on the other stuff. But if you do not qualify for TR, then you can check the duties and the baggage allowances on the customs website.

TR –┬áMinimum stay of two years abroad, immediately preceding the date of his arrival on TR.

I shipped most of my stuff back including my sofa, love seat, sofa chair, coffee table, 2 side tables, dining table, dining chairs, mattress, bed stand, TV, crockery, all show pieces and decorative items and loads of clothes… The rate calculation with this company was based on volume rather than weight, and that helped decrease the rate as opposed to other companies. You can find loads more info at R2i forums.

Btw, I chose my shipping method as Oceanic, which made it cheaper, but adds 55 days to the arrival of your luggage.

Hope this info is useful to someone else who has similar questions.


– Neel

Written by Neelesh Mohile

June 25, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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