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Why I’ve decided to start blogging

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Well, I finally decided to enter the world of blogging. Having been an avid reader for the past many years, I’ve always wondered, how easy or hard will it be to have my own blog. But I never found the time, nor had that much inclination to write about anything. The first thought that always comes is, what do I blog about. But today, I finally settled on a muse.

I always pride myself on trying to implement the most efficient processes within the limited budget constraints of any project I work on, be it personal or professional, and try to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. Some of the blogs that inspire me to do so include, but are not limited to,,,,,,, and, to name a few (there are a lot more which I may mention from time to time as references later on in my blog). So I’ve decided, that if I blog about all the things that I have implemented, and mention any troubles and workarounds that I had faced or which worked for me, it might not only benefit others, but also myself, when my technologically distressed friends and acquaintances ask me again and again for the same simple hacks.

So, that was an introduction of some of the content that is about to come on this blog. Hope I do not lose steam before that and with all your support am able to continue my blogging.

– Neel

Written by Neelesh Mohile

June 23, 2010 at 5:21 pm

Posted in Introduction

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